TikTok Story Downloader

How to download "Story TikTok" by simply copying the Story TikTok link and directly pasting it on the main page of the ttok.io website or directly opening the "Download Story TikTok" page, then pasting the TikTok link in the search window. Very easy isn't it...?

How to download TikTok Stories?

  1. Open TikTok Tap the "TikTok account profile" to open the story or select the story from any account you want to download.
  2. Kopieren Sie den Link Tap "Share" and lots of buttons will appear, then tap the "Copy link" icon.
  3. Download TikTok Stories "Paste" the TikTok Story link to the Ttok.io page and tap the download button, Tap again "download TikTok without watermark".